Welcome to Referrals 4 You, the Commercial Agent's online tool for managing commercial referrals from residential agents.

1. Sign up and create your personal commercial agent profile page.

2. Direct your residential agents to your profile page by giving them the custom referrals4you.com profile page address, which you will create during registration.
For example: referrals4you.com/jfadelli

3. Ask residential agents to register with you by filling out the simple form on your profile page and creating a personal password.

4. To immediately start sending you commercial referrals, the residential agents can use our Android or IOS app to easily send, confirm, and track the referrals they've sent to you.

5. Residential agents can empower their existing websites to generate even more referrals. Once the residential agents register with you, they will receive a link to their commercial real estate inquiry form which they can add to their website, email directly to their client, or fill out on behalf of their client. Upon submitting the form, the client's information is added to the commercial agent's client referral list. Both you and the residential agent will receive an email confirming the source and receipt of the referral, along with the agreed upon referral fee percentage. The residential agent can use this as confirmation that he or she is entitled to a referral fee from you. You can update the status of the referral on this website, which the residential agents can check on this site, or on their mobile app.